Can You Use Email Marketing for Employee Communications?

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Creating an efficient and effective system for communicating with your now remote team.

Remember all of those meetings that could’ve been emails? Well, now most of them are all emails.

And now, the question is: How’re you keeping your team engaged with all those mass emails?

Many offices and businesses are turning to platforms such as Outlook or a webmail app to communicate with their employees now spread across towns, cities, and states. This solution may seem simple and effective at first. However, as you settle into this new way of working, you may find after a few weeks, holes appearing in this email pipeline.

This situation presents quite a problem for your remote team. However! You most likely already have the solution to this at the ready: The platform you’re currently using for your email marketing.

Similar to creating an email list and importing your email subscribers, you can do the same thing by creating a list (or multiple lists) of your team members.

Reasons to consider using your email marketing platform for team communications:

Don’t let important messages get lost in chat channels.

Chat rooms and apps are key players in any remote company, including here at FeedBlitz, but it’s easy to lose or forget essential notes or updates when using different channels and rooms. (Also important to note: some of these platforms have a limit on archived messages, as well.)

Your email marketing platform has features to better organize your team emails. Work with its tagging or group options to create quick, targeted email sends, and even schedule future email communications.

Does your Outlook, webmail, or chat platform offer that? No? Bummer! Good thing your email marketing platform already does.

No one likes a read receipt.

In the world of bulk sends, a read receipt is often the most logical step when you want to ensure your team members have received your memos. But how often do you get excited when that little box pops up? Not often? Neither do we.

Your email marketing platform automatically tracks open rates and opens by subscriber for every campaign sent. Meaning you can see which members of your mailing list opened your emails without leaning too far into watchdog communications and the dreaded read receipt.

Reward employee engagement and interaction.

Create captivating call to action buttons, easily add images or gifs to your emails, and track click-throughs and forwards all from the comfort of your email marketing platform. These are simple ways to liven up your office communications while keeping tabs on their effectiveness.

This makes it easy to find and reward team members who take specific actions like clicking a link to read more or who reach a threshold of opening five emails in a row. (Just because you’re remote doesn’t mean you can’t still create fun surprises for your team!)

Your email marketing platform was built for reliability and strong deliverability.

Your email marketing platform works diligently to protect their sending reputation and deliverability rate. Individual, corporate email servers, usually don’t have this specialized support.

If you’re already using an email marketing platform to reach your audience and customer base and doing so successfully, why not use it to communicate with your now-remote team more effectively?

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