5 free resources to help market your services

Cpa-logo-no-tagline-low-resolutionYour to-do list likely includes items such as scheduling next year’s engagements, sending client information requests, preparing for year-end client accounting services processes, gathering and reviewing documents needed for early 2021 and contacting clients to plan for the year ahead. Taking time to market your services to prospects and clients might be missing from your list. We understand that. With so much else going on, this task often isn’t a priority. But we’d like to help you showcase your expertise and the value you provide with our new CPA Marketing Toolkit. Check out the following five marketing resources, included as part of your AICPA membership.

  1. Showcase your CPA designation.

These prestigious three letters tell others that you are knowledgeable and experienced in your profession. Did you know that you can use CPA logos in your marketing materials? Why not add a CPA logo to your email signature or feature one prominently on your website or online professional profile? You’ll find several variations to choose from, along with guidance on logo usage.

  1. Articulate the value of hiring a CPA.

Use this PowerPoint presentation as you meet with prospective clients. It explains the advantages of working with a CPA and highlights the types of year-round services you provide. 

  1. Highlight your offerings during year-end planning conversations.

We’ve developed year-end planning letters to help you start conversations with individual and small business tax clients. These letters feature a list of key considerations for this year that your clients will need to factor in for next year. The letters also lead to more extensive conversations about how you can support your clients.

  1. Start strongly during the proposal meeting.

Making a good first impression is important. Use this checklist to make sure you prepare for your next prospective client proposal meeting. Taking time for this pre-meeting activity will help you build strong relationships and help expand your service opportunities.  

  1. Talk with small business clients about the benefits of working with a CPA.

Your small business clients will appreciate you sharing this guide that outlines the services you can offer to help them plan, run and grow their business. Plus, there’s a space on the first page of the document for you to add your firm’s logo.

In addition to using the above resources, take your practice to the next level by incorporating the CPA brand into your website URL. Apply for a .CPA domain, exclusively available to CPA firms, and distinguish your services from those of non-CPAs. .CPA is a secure, restricted web domain, making it a harder-to-spoof online identity, allowing you to protect your firm’s data and your clients’ personal information from phishing and other security threats.

Another way to differentiate yourself from others is to strengthen your advisory services offerings by pursuing a credential. This year, you’ve witnessed firsthand how the COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for CPAs to be the trusted adviser for matters other than just tax or audit. Clients wanted CPAs to guide them in areas such as business continuity, economic relief, loan applications, cybersecurity consultations and retirement planning. Why not go further and harness that momentum to display your expertise in a specialty area such as valuation, forensics, financial planning or technology with a credential

We hope you find these resources helpful as you communicate with prospects and clients about the value you provide and the opportunities available to expand upon the services you offer.   

Association Staff