The PBG Approach

Whether your business is well-established, just being launched, or somewhere in between—we will help you find the right long-term solution. We believe each stage of development is an opportunity to work with you in overcoming obstacles, improving day-to-day operations, and making major business decisions with unwavering confidence. By offering a strategic mix of services with your company’s growth in mind, we are positioned to fulfill your needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Tied to community

PBG has strong ties to the community and client relationships that go back decades. As we continue to invest in our experienced staff of advisors, we meet the demands of doing business in the 21st century with the utmost care and compassion.

CPA Certified

Our CPAs are members of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Illinois CPA Society. We are proud that our firm has successfully completed the AICPA Quality Review Program administered by the Illinois CPA Society.


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Our Team

Teamwork is at the core of everything we do, and through collaboration and full participation, we are able to meet your goals and serve you better.


We believe that our employees are the heart of our company. Through resources and incentives, we are committed to helping our personnel grow personally and professionally.


Image of Howard Gamer
Howard Gamer CPA, CGMA
Managing Partner
(847) 770-6556
Image of Christopher Portera
Christopher Portera CPA, CGMA
Tax Partner
(312) 724-6753
Image of Bryan Engel
Bryan Engel CPA, MS
Partner - Consulting
(312) 724-6752
Image of David Horwitz
David Horwitz CPA, CVA, MST
Partner - Tax
(847) 770-6582
Image of Shari Gamer
Shari Gamer
Partner - Office Administration
(847) 770-6581
Image of Steve Silberman
Steve Silberman CPA
(847) 770-6562
Image of Adam Harris
Adam Harris
Chief Operating Officer
(847) 770-6570


Image of Sylvia An
Sylvia An CPA
Audit Manager
Image of John Balzanto
John Balzanto CPA
Audit Manager
Image of Mary Berndt
Mary Berndt CPA
Principal, Business Services
Image of Philip Brand
Philip Brand CPA
Audit Professional
(312) 761-2016
Image of Jacqueline Chiang
Jacqueline Chiang CPA, J.D.
Tax Professional
Image of Teresa Crissman
Teresa Crissman CPA
Tax & Accounting Professional
(336) 609-2770
Image of Jori Golman
Jori Golman J.D.
Tax Professional
Image of Kenneth Hafft
Kenneth Hafft CPA
QB Advanced Certified ProAdvisor
Image of Vicki Malina
Vicki Malina CPA, JD
Tax Professional - State and Local Taxes
Image of Mandy Marek
Mandy Marek
CFO Services
Image of Matthew Miedona
Matthew Miedona CPA
Accounting Manager
Image of Keyon Morris
Keyon Morris
Audit Professional
(773) 631-2666
Image of Andrew Munger
Andrew Munger
Accounting Manager
Image of James Neumann
James Neumann CPA
Audit Manager
Image of Matthew Nordin
Matthew Nordin
Audit Professional
(847) 957-1461
Image of Michael O’Connell
Michael O’Connell CPA
Head of Consulting
Image of Steven Omori
Steven Omori CPA
Image of Scott Parkerson
Scott Parkerson CPA
Accounting Manager
(847) 770-6589
Image of David Pearcy
David Pearcy CPA
Tax & Accounting Professional
Image of Dean Pearson
Dean Pearson CPA
Principal, Tax Professional, State and Local Tax
(312) 758-5937
Image of Michael Raisanen
Michael Raisanen CPA
Accounting Manager
Image of Kenneth Redman
Kenneth Redman CPA, MST
Tax Professional
(773) 594-0499
Image of Scott Rubin
Scott Rubin CPA
Tax Professional, Estates and Trusts
Image of Marilyn Sawicki
Marilyn Sawicki CPA, MBA
Principal, Director of Quality Assurance
Image of Jonathan Schroeder
Jonathan Schroeder CPA
Tax & Accounting Professional
Image of Michelle Siegel
Michelle Siegel CPA
Tax Professional
Image of Martin Singer
Martin Singer CPA, ABV
Tax Principal
Image of Howard Sturt
Howard Sturt CPA
Accounting Professional
Image of Julie Urow
Julie Urow CPA
Principal, Head of Assurance
Image of David Weiner
David Weiner CPA
Accounting Professional
Image of Stephen Zwiebel
Stephen Zwiebel CPA


Image of Ellen Cole
Ellen Cole
Administrative Professional
Image of Danuta Domian
Danuta Domian
Administrative Professional
(312) 761-1218
Image of Hilda Dros
Hilda Dros
Administrative Professional
(312) 761-1057
Image of Karim Enciso
Karim Enciso
Administrative Professional
(312) 761-1282
Image of Christopher Kacso
Christopher Kacso
Administrative Professional
(847) 291-1400, ext. 121
Image of Beth Kramer
Beth Kramer
Administrative Professional
Image of Sofiya Levina
Sofiya Levina
Administrative Professional
Image of Manny Pappas
Manny Pappas
Administrative Professional

Our Story

In 1983, when gasoline averaged $1.16 per gallon, average monthly rent was $320, and the top tax bracket was 50%, the accounting firm of Pestine, Brinati, Gamer, Ltd. was founded.

Since then, the firm has expanded significantly, having created two affiliated entities to offer payroll processing and investment advisory services to its clients. In 2005, to express the company’s vision, the firm was rebranded PBG Financial Services Ltd.

The firm now has 50 employees with offices in downtown Chicago and Northbrook, Illinois. PBG takes great pride in the longevity of its client and staff relationships, which in some cases extend beyond twenty years.

Howard Gamer, 1983-Present
Harvey Pestine, 1983-2004
Tom Brinati, 1983-1998